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Why content marketing?


Content is the foundation of any inbound marketing strategy. It’ll bring people to your site, educate them and turn them into both brand ambassadors and potential customers.

By creating content that shows off your expertise, you can become a thought leader in your market and take your place as the go-to company for customers looking for advice and services.

And that’s not all. Content also plays an integral part in your SEO efforts. Search engines love helpful, easy to digest, keyword-rich content. Give it to them, and you’ll be rewarded with a growing number of interested site visitors.


Our Content Marketing Expertise

Expert content, flexible service

Content Strategy

Set your goals

Get your site seen. Optimise your SEO to grow traffic, increase leads and convert those leads into paying customers.

Blogs and Articles

Show your expertise

A blog that’s consistently kept up-to-date with fresh, interesting and educational content is a powerful tool for SEO and thought leadership.

Website Copywriting

Convert with compelling copy

Writing web copy is one thing. Writing web copy that drives the reader to a desired action while boosting SEO at the same time is what we can help you achieve.


Become a thought leader

A white paper is an in depth piece of content that can act as a cornerstone for your content marketing campaign. Great for boosting thought leadership.

Video and Infographics

Engaging visuals

Visualising data is a powerful way to put across a message and make it engaging. Our writers, videographers and designers can make this a part of your marketing mix.

Email Marketing

Connect with your customers

Concise, creative and compelling emails are a great way to drive potential customers down the sales funnel and turn them into paying customers.

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What is content marketing?

Winning hearts and minds

Content marketing is an inbound marketing practice that focuses on generating interesting, entertaining and SEO optimised content that can be found organically by our target customers. When executed well, that content will eventually lead to them buying our products and/or services. It’s a proven practice that offers a healthy ROI!

Why use Flex’s content marketing services?

A sound digital strategy

There are three main reasons businesses come to us for content marketing. The first, is that we have proven results in improving SEO and increasing new business. The second, is that we’re one of the few agencies that offer a flexible, holistic service. And the third, is that content writing is hard and time consuming, and often businesses just don’t have time in-house!


How we do it

Here’s our process for creating a content marketing strategy that works for your business.

Step 1

Discovery & fact finding

Establish requirements and build the brief together.

Step 2

Content Plan & Review

We put together a plan and send it to you to make sure you’re happy.

Step 3

Content Creation

We create compelling content that connects with your customers.

Step 4

Distribute and Promote

We distribute your content and promote it to bring viewers.

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we can help your business?

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Some frequently asked questions that we get about content marketing (and the answers too, obviously).
What is content marketing?
Content marketing is a digital inbound marketing strategy that provides valuable content with the intention of attracting and engaging a specific audience.

This content could be a case study, a how-to video, a sports podcast or any other media that speaks to your target market along the customer journey.

How much does content marketing cost?

The cost of content creation typically depends on the format and length of content.

Your copywriting costs start at £500 per 1,000 words. This may increase if the content topic is niche and has to undergo thorough research to complete.

Simple graphics, like those used for social media or display advertising, are priced per hour and our hourly rate is £75 per hour.

The cost of video content is reliant on the brief, whether there is existing content to use, and if the brief calls for any videographer work. However, if you are looking for a short set of video reels this can start from £300 (often priced as a 3 month contract service). Or for professional branded video content you’d be looking at somewhere between £1,500 – £5,000 depending on the nature and size of the project.

Can I do content marketing in house?
Of course you can! But it’s not easy. Writing content takes a lot of time. And writing content that’s compelling, clear, engaging and that drives conversions takes expertise and experience.

We do encourage clients to engage in their content strategy. After all, you’re the experts in your field, and we need to tap into that expertise in order to write the best content.

How many blogs do we need to produce per month?

As many as you can. The more content you create, the better it’ll be for your SEO and customer engagement. The other thing to keep in mind is consistency. If you write just one blog a month, make sure you do it every month.

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Flex have helped to raise both our online presence and exposure. By effectively managing our PPC, SEO and online marketing channels. They have helped us grow our business to levels that we would never have anticipated. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to better their business, no matter how big or small.”

Les Williams
Managing Director – Marble Supreme

Flex have consistently offered outstanding advice and service and there is no doubt they are experts in their field. They have helped us to dramatically increase our PPC success and are now supporting us with SEO. We would have no hesitation in recommending Flex and look forward to working with them for many years to come.”

Kelly Fenech
Marketing Manager – Lovell Stone Group

Flex achieved a 35% increase in business. From the outset, they really understood what we were trying to achieve.”

Tom Beasley
Former Head of – Bristol & Bath Science Park