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At Flex, our Bristol SEO experts will supercharge your search engine rankings to increase brand awareness, enhance your click-through rate, and generate more conversions.

Why SEO?


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of matching your website to what your users are looking for. As a result, you get better visibility in search engine results pages as well as better meeting user needs.


Our SEO Expertise

Our team are passionate about helping businesses to stand out online. With our core SEO services, we’ll bring your brand to the forefront and help you rise above the competition. 

Local SEO

Corner the local market

46% of Google searches are for local services. Work with us to make sure you appear locally.

SEO Strategy

Tailored to your business

Your business and your website are unique. We work with you to build a bespoke SEO strategy.

Technical SEO

Technical know-how

Our developers will help you to build and maintain a strong technical SEO foundation.

SEO Content Writing

Compelling copy

Take your content marketing to the next level by optimising your blogs, articles and web pages.

Website Migration

Safe and sound

Move site or make big changes without taking a hit to your hard-earned page rankings.

Link Building

Connections are key

Improve your site authority and earn Google’s trust with quality backlinks. 

Training & Consultancy

Train your team

Build your own team of Bristol SEO experts and keep them on-track with our SEO training and ongoing consultancy services.

Data & Analytics

Dive into the data

Track your success and build on it. We can report as often as works for you.

New Website SEO

Build the foundation of strong SEO

Planning a web development project? Give your new site a head start by building the foundation of strong SEO.


Our Digital Partners


Find out how SEO

can benefit your business

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Why use an SEO company?

Get found online

As ever more people turn to the internet to research and purchase goods and services, it’s more vital than ever that your online presence and digital strategy is of a high standard. Getting your brand to stand out can be difficult, but we can help you form a strategy to get found online.

Where are you ranking?

Time to benchmark

If your site falls beyond the first page of search engines for your main products and services it is very unlikely the potential customers will find you. Sites that rank first on search engines have an average click-through rate of 28.5%. This reduces greatly with every lower position, and on average only 0.78% of users will click a result from the second search engine results page.
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What makes us different from

other SEO agencies?

Going the extra mile

We don’t just help you get to the top – we help you stay there. 

Our SEO experts will continuously monitor your web performance so that we can keep your content fresh, relevant and search-friendly. SEO isn’t a quick fix. It needs to be regularly assessed and enhanced so that you can secure your position on page 1.

What makes us different from

other SEO agencies?

Going the extra mile

We don’t just help you get to the top – we help you stay there. 

Our SEO experts will continuously monitor your web performance so that we can keep your content fresh, relevant and search-friendly. SEO isn’t a quick fix. It needs to be regularly assessed and enhanced so that you can secure your position on page 1.

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How we optimise your site

Our process for getting your business to the top of search engine results pages.

Step 1


We learn from you about your business and its goals and aspirations.

Step 2

SEO Audit

We conduct a thorough audit of where your business currently ranks.

Step 3


We come to you with a strategic plan and get it signed off.

Step 4

Plan & Execute

We put your SEO plan into place and start to track your ranking results.


Let’s talk SEO 

Find flexible solutions

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Industry Focused SEO

We tailor our SEO services to suit clients in a whole range of different industries.

Find out more about some of our key sectors below.

SEO for Construction

Put your trade business
on the map

Our construction SEO services will help you to become the first choice for trade and construction services in your local area.

Learn more about construction marketing.



SEO for Healthcare

Bring more traffic to your healthcare page

With an SEO focused healthcare marketing strategy, we’ll help to enhance your online authority and bring more traffic to your site.

This is vital if you want to grow your healthcare business online.

SEO for Hospitality

Secure more bookings for your hospitality business

SEO is a key part of successful hospitality marketing.

By boosting your hotel or restaurant rank, you’ll build trust and bring more customers through the door. 


Frequently asked questions about SEO (and their answers).
How much does SEO cost?

Flexibility is at the heart of what we do. That’s why we steer clear from one size fits all SEO packages and focus on an SEO strategy that suits you. 

The pricing of your project will ultimately come down to what you need. We’ll listen to your business goals, find out what you want to achieve and then put together a package that best suits your goals.

Generally speaking, our managed SEO services start from £1,000pcm and can range up to £10,000 depending on your requirements and how aggressively you want to hit your targets. If you need an SEO coach pronto, our entry-level SEO consultancy and training services will match-make you with one of our Search Experts for regular coaching sessions from just £500pcm.

To get a more accurate quote for your business, contact one of our search experts today.

How does SEO work?

SEO is all about helping search engines offer the most valuable and relevant content to the user.

When a user enters a specific search term into Google, it displays and ranks what it considers the most relevant and high-value web pages related to that search term.

For example, let’s imagine you were in the hunt for ‘inflatable flamingos’. Google would then scour its index of the world’s web pages and deliver you what it thinks is the closest match to your search query.

What we do is optimise the signals that Google users to calculate your web page’s value and relevance to the search query.

If you’d like to find out more, take a look at our helpful SEO checklist for small businesses.


When will we see ROI on organic SEO?

Your ROI is very much dependent on your starting point and what your objectives are.

There’s rarely a quick fix that magically gets you to the top of search engine pages.  However, with a bespoke SEO strategy in place, we will get you optimised and ranking.

Noticeable gains in rankings typically take 3 to 6 months, with a return on investment taking 12 months.

That’s not to say your ROI is solely measured by your position on Google. Increased website traffic, enhanced conversion rates, more engaging content and better user experience will make up part of what you receive from us.

Why does SEO need to be ongoing?

To make sure Google is always providing the best user experience it regularly updates the way it calculates search intent and the relevance and value of your web pages.

This, when added to the SEO activities of your competitors, creates an ever-changing environment that you need to optimise for.

To use an analogy, SEO is much like learning a musical instrument. As a musician, you are forever working on your craft, trying to become the best player or composer that you can be.

Your website needs to be treated in the same way. Keeping it up to date, looking its best and educating your customers as much as possible should be central themes to your SEO and digital marketing activities.

This is why SEO should be an integral ongoing part of your marketing strategy.

My company is a start-up. Do I need SEO?

Absolutely. If you’re a start-up, it is unlikely that you’re sitting on top of Google for the most searched-for terms in your industry.

And, without a presence on these search result pages, establishing brand awareness and growing your business will be difficult.

SEO can be expensive, but we have SME-sized services to help you grow your online presence. Find out more about SEO services for small businesses.

How can we track SEO?

Tracking SEO is vital for success. In order to do this, we use a number of industry tools that allow us to monitor your keyword performance, analyse your website links and check for any technical issues. 

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Flex have helped to raise both our online presence and exposure. By effectively managing our PPC, SEO and online marketing channels. They have helped us grow our business to levels that we would never have anticipated. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to better their business, no matter how big or small.”

Les Williams
Managing Director – Marble Supreme

Flex have consistently offered outstanding advice and service and there is no doubt they are experts in their field. They have helped us to dramatically increase our PPC success and are now supporting us with SEO. We would have no hesitation in recommending Flex and look forward to working with them for many years to come.”

Kelly Fenech
Marketing Manager – Lovell Stone Group

Flex achieved a 35% increase in business. From the outset, they really understood what we were trying to achieve.”

Tom Beasley
Former Head of – Bristol & Bath Science Park