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Discover our tailored training and consultancy

solutions, designed to streamline your focus on

pivotal strategies for digital growth.


Take control of your digital presence and de-mystify the online marketing world with our digital marketing training and consultancy services. 

We’re giving you the skills you need to understand your marketing data and grow your business online.

From our initial consultation and digital audit, right through to our training and strategy implementation, we’ll find the best approach for your business and show you how to put it into practice!

Training & Consultancy SERVICES

What can you expect?

Expert advice, flexible service

1-2-1 Support

Got a question about your PPC data? Want to understand more about your keywords? We’re on hand to answer those questions and provide you with 1-2-1 support every step of the way.

Knowledge is power, and we want to share that knowledge with you! 

Personalised Feedback

Our feedback and advice is always tailored to the needs of your business.

We’ll ensure that you and your team have the knowledge and confidence to reach your long-term digital marketing goals.

Actionable Insights

We’ll provide you with usable strategies that will work for your business.

Whether you want to boost your online rankings, optimise your conversion rate or bring in new leads with PPC – we’ll help you to make it happen!


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How do we do it

Our Process

Here’s our process for creating a training & consultancy strategy that works for your business.

Step 1

Discovery & Fact Find

At the initial stage, we’ll arrange a call to find out about your current abilities, requirements and goals for the future.

This gives you an opportunity to tell us more about your business, ask any questions and tell us what you want to get out of your training and consultancy package.


Step 2

Personalised Audit

Next, we’ll carefully audit your website and marketing channels to identify any issues, spot opportunities for growth, enhance your user experience and optimise your conversion rates.

We’ll then format this into a report and present our findings to you.

Step 3

90-Day Roadmap

After running through our findings, we’ll put together a comprehensive 90-day marketing roadmap that is personalised to meet your needs.

Use this internally and implement in your own time, or leave it with our team to take care of the delivery!

Step 4

Training & Development

To help you implement your digital strategy, you’ll get the chance to take part in a personalised training session for you or your team.

Our training sessions are based on goal-focused SEO, PPC and CRO strategies that are proven to deliver real results!

Why Choose Flex for Training & Consultancy?

  • Educate and empower yourself and your team to improve your digital marketing results and meet long-term goals
  • Gain advice and training from the experts that work across these digital marketing channels every day
  • Access a flexible, tried and tested process, tailored to meet your individual needs
  • Uncover industry secrets and stay up-to-date with the latest marketing practices
  • Confused and intimidated by metrics and technical jargon? De-mystify the digital marketing world so you can work with agencies with more knowledge and confidence

Want to find a tailored approach

for your business?

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Some frequently asked questions that we get about content marketing (and the answers too, obviously).
Do you offer online training?
Absolutely! We can offer online training via Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams or whatever tool takes your fancy.
Do you offer face-to-face training?
Yes, we often invite clients to come to our office at Runway East Bristol so they can benefit from our meeting rooms, equipment and be in an environment where they can focus on learning. We can also arrange to come to your office depending on location and equipment available.
Can my training be completed in one session?
Our training and consultancy services are tailored to your needs so this is dependent on your current abilities, what you’re hoping to learn and the nature of the topic you’re interested in.
What training topics can you cover?

Our training sessions tend to focus on pay-per-click, search engine optimisation and conversion rate optimisation. However, we also have experts available to support you with social media marketing, email marketing, content writing and much more! Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

How much does your training and consultancy service cost?
Our training and consultancy services are bespoke, so this is dependent on a number of factors including your current abilities and what topic you wish to learn more about.
Book a call with one of our digital experts

Flex have helped to raise both our online presence and exposure. By effectively managing our PPC, SEO and online marketing channels. They have helped us grow our business to levels that we would never have anticipated. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to better their business, no matter how big or small.”

Les Williams
Managing Director – Marble Supreme

Flex have consistently offered outstanding advice and service and there is no doubt they are experts in their field. They have helped us to dramatically increase our PPC success and are now supporting us with SEO. We would have no hesitation in recommending Flex and look forward to working with them for many years to come.”

Kelly Fenech
Marketing Manager – Lovell Stone Group

Flex achieved a 35% increase in business. From the outset, they really understood what we were trying to achieve.”

Tom Beasley
Former Head of – Bristol & Bath Science Park